The NOUR EP is a collaboration between juke/footwork adventurer BLK MRKS and award winning creative director and designer Radim Malinic [Brand Nu]

During his recent trip to Uganda, Malinic recorded a vast range of moments and encounters in local communities. Focusing on the South west region and Lake Bunyonyi, the trip provided an exhilarating selection of chants, local folklore and songs.

The audio was crafted into four intricate tracks highlighting the richness and diversity of Ugandan culture. Each track is quite different in personality but all reflecting the vibrancy of the emerging footwork scene.

Ndege, first single from the EP will be released 13 July 2015. 

The four track EP will follow via Good Street Records in July 2015.

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This project was inspired by the charitable work of Little Big Africa, who provide protected water sources to local people in East Uganda.

More info littlebigafrica.org


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